Heart's Home in Brooklyn : Serving the Community

Situated within the Ingersoll Housing Projects in Brooklyn, NY, Heart’s Home USA serves as an indispensable source of moral support for disadvantaged members of the local community in shelters, nursing homes and housing projects. Striving to forge intimate, long-term bonds with these people, the Heart’s Home USA team also aids those in need with day-to-day services such as shopping and cooking, and also provides links to appropriate resources such as welfare and rehabilitation centers.
In addition to building individual friendships, Heart’s Home also facilitates the gathering of people from all walks of life for national or religious celebrations, in hopes of breaking the walls of isolation and fostering within the community a sense of solidarity and belonging.


Upstate New York : The International Center for a Culture of Compassion

Located  in the Catskills (2 hours of New York City), the International Center for a Culture of Compassion (ICCC) encompasses 125 acres of rolling hills, maple woods, and breathtaking landscapes. Founded in 2007, the ICCC is the central venue of Heart’s Home to build and promote, through cultural events and residencies, a genuine "culture of compassion".
In addition to welcoming guests throughout the year, the ICCC has hosted artists for summer residencies and organized seminars and roundtable discussions on the incorporation of compassion into different cultural fields, including art, business, science and politics.


Spokane, WA : Compassion on the Campus

Located on the campus of Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, this center is run by young students and workers wishing to spread compassion on the campus.